Saturday, October 27, 1990

For site members: Ideas for blog sections

Links / posts /comments on any of the following:

Analysis of the legislation
1. What is it? / how does it work? / how will proposed legislation work? (Organized by topic? - 'sedition', proscription of 'terrorist' groups, new ASIO powers.)
2. Why is this concerning?

As for 1.: There's quite a lot of stuff in the law journals, say in the Melbourne University Law Review and a special edition last year of the University of NSW journal. The problem is that these are mostly only available through subscription services. Can you find something that's freely available?
Press clippings / links

People for people to write to (MPs: Federal and Victorian houses, upper/lower; press)

Note: Suggested Blog Structure

The order of the posts can be manipulated by changing their dates. As for structure, I'd only suggest that you adhere to good informational principles: put the brief overview stuff for busy people first, in-depth materials further down.


The Scott Parkin case is thouroughly documented here.


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